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IRON CURTAIN 『Jaguar Spirit』


Release Date : 2013.12.18

¥2,381 (本体) + 税


01.Run, Hide, Fight
02.Jaguar Spirit
03.Satan’s Race
04.Living On The Road
05.Get Out Of My Way
06.Rangers Attack
07.Highway Ride
08.Cheaper Whiskey Woman
09.Roger Is Back (EP 2013)*
10.Black Fist (EP 2013)*
11.Ejecutor (EP 2011)*
12.Brigadas Satanicas (EP 2011)*
13.Dirty & Fast (Demo 2010)*
14.Mosh Or Die (Demo 2009)*
15.Hounds Of Hell (Rough Mix)*
16.South Bangers (Rough Mix)*


■Produced by Iron Curtain & Javi Felez


■Mike Leprosy (vo/g)
■Joserra Ramon Sanchez (b)
■Dani Meseguer (g)
■Alberto Fuentes (ds)




Format : CD  解説/歌詞/対訳付


発売元:Bickee Music  販売元:PCI Music Inc.


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