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NEW DEVICE 『Here We Stand』


Release Date : 2014.9.24

¥2,130 (本体) + 税

80'S メインストリーム・メタルの流れを汲みつつ、エモーショナルでモダンな感覚が光るUK発、新進気鋭バンド!

01. Here We Stand
02. Away From Here
03. New York
04. On Your Knees
05. Do Or Die
06. Another Life
07. Feel The Wrath
08. Save Your Life
09. Waiting For A Deadman
10. Wreckage Of Me
11. End Of Hope
12. Pedal To The Metal*
13. Takin' Over*
14. Heaven Knows (Acoustic)*
15. On Your Knees (Acoustic)*


■Produced by New Device


■Daniel Leigh (vo / g)
■Greg Rozzy Ison (ds)
■St Nick Jones (g)
■Matt Mallery (g)
■Nixx (b)



Format : CD  解説/歌詞/対訳付


発売元:Bickee Music  販売元:PCI Music Inc.


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